I decided to run because I feel there is a voice missing at the table. Looking back on my own experience I can't remember having a teacher or principal that looked like me. There was no one in a position of leadership that I could identify with.  In order for leaders to make the right decisions for our students there must be shared experience and an understanding of the challenges that they and their families face. Students need to see leaders that they can identify with. I bring that experience, diversity and knowledge to the school board.   
Education Funding

Over the last decade our schools have seen funding decrease and have had to make budget cuts. This has been evident in our classroom size, shorter school years and graduation rate rankings on national polls.


Our schools need stable and adequate funding in order to provide our children with the quality education they deserve. I will advocate in Salem for funding our schools adequately along with looking to other possible solutions. 

Advancing and Expanding Dual Language Programs
Children participating in well-implemented dual language program have been shown to outperform students educated in a monolingual environment in all subjects. Dual language programs have also been shown to narrow the achievement gap between students.
Investing in dual language programs is also in line with our Smarter school spending process. The return on investment is undeniable.
In order to expand, we need more bilingual teachers. Creating support and guidance for students that want to become bilingual teachers would be part of this initiative. 

Advancing and Expanding Career and College Pathways
All students should be prepared and have a clear path to what follows after high school, whether that be college or a skilled occupation.
As a member of the Career and College Pathways Steering Committee I will work to advance and expand this program through building partnerships with businesses and community organizations. These relationships are essential to provide our students with hand-on experiences in the fields they are interested in.

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